Faraway Games - Free War and Fantasy on the web.

We run the persistant free on-line war world, known as the Tartarus battlesphere.
We used to run Kalevala, but thats now a dead world.


Click HereTartarus
-Free Eternal Internet War

Come and join our on-line war game, and join the eternally raging clan wars.

Lead your clan to victory as your fight amid the bio-mass fields, leading your clan of evolving Titans to supremacy.


Click here for the Tartarus home page



And as a bit of fun,
try our space invaders game.

Easy Java O/R Code Generation.The new Java Code Generator driving all our games.

This is an evolution of the LowRoad, java O/R made simple from Emeraldjb.


The LowRoad to EJB Code GenerationThe LowRoad EJB Code Generator

This was a serious technical product which saved time and money in producing EJB Java code.