The Internet war game - eternal strife on the battle sphere

You need to install the java run time to run the game client locally. Click on the button to get it and follow the installation instructions.

Its a Zip file

The download is a zip file, please ensure you have a suitable zip utility, such as winzip.

Upgrade Instructions

If you already have tartarus installed then TAKE A COPY of the directory before upgrading. Then download the zip file, but only extract tartarus.jar over the original that you have. It should now run in the normal way.


Download the zip file, unzip the contents into a suitable directory, eg Tartarus. You can also download the rules to read off line, these should also be unzipped into a different directory. Once you have installed it the readme will tell you more.

Download Game Client Now, 212K
Note: If upgrading just extract the tartarus.jar file over the old version.

Download Rules Now, 275K

Version 15.06 September 23rd 2010

-The game server has moved and so the client has been updated to support this.

Version 15.05 April 7th 2008

- the game is now free to play forever. Removed all code enforcing payment requirement.

Version 15.04 May 25th 2007

- fix icon on farmail dlg.
- fix date column sorting in farmail (default is most recent first).
- Fixed display of clan cost when select a titan.

Version 15.02 April 19th 2007

- redo the login screen
- when self destruct clan hall fix so lose ranking
- change pure breeder redesign so cannot increase the size of the titan by more than it's harvested bio-mass. ie you can increase techs but not size.

Version 15.01 January 22nd 2007

- slight tidy up of on-screen text
- pure breeders cannot redesign themselves if they are damaged.
- fix to pure breeder redesign and cost of spawned titan

Version 15.00 January 14th 2007

- add farmail
- fix spawn from pure breeders

Once installed you can run it stand alone by executing the <install directory>\runit.bat file.

If you are having problems then check out the problems page, also read the readme.txt file in the install directory.


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