War Stories

This page contains links to maps and reports from the game as it is fought.

Stories used to be authored by God, but that changed long ago. Players are invited to write of their conquests, long or short, with or without pictures. You will be allowed to permanently name a place on the battle sphere in payment.

The Third Epoch, the place we live now.

4) The search for Kansas, chapters 1-4 (April 2004 to August 2004)

3) The Divide (April 2004)

2) Annals from the 2nd Epoch (April 2004)

1) A Tale of Two Tourneys (March 2004)

There was a time before the ark, in fact there were 2 ages:

The second Epoch, before the Elders went mad (Christmas 2003)

The First Age has many stories of war (March 2000)


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