The Blight

-amended 28 Jan 2001

And the Lord of Battle did spake, and unto the clans he said, "Those elders among you persist in the lands of the young. You swagger about in your power and prosperity, stamping upon the brave youth of the future. For your sins shall come the blight!" And many were the titans laid low and consumed amid the plagues that followed.

What this actually means is that Titans belonging to advanced clans will be severely damaged by the blight if they stray into the new clan regions.

Titans start by harvesting green bio-mass, after breeding to increase tech levels they can harvest orange, and then purple and finally blue. The higher bio-mass levels are always to your south east, so migrate that way. Blight occurs at two levels:

Spore Alpha

Spore Beta

Once you are outside these regions you are in the lands of the eldest gods, be prepared to meet some very advanced clans.

An example

A clan with a clan hall breeds a breeder which can harvest purple at coordinate 60,70. The player will be warned that the blight will soon effect them and they should migrate. The player starts to move, but also continues breeding. 28 generations later some of the clan is still in the blight area and now the blight strikes, destroying all weapons and shields. This happens even though the individual titans were still only harvesting green, it is the clans maximum titan that is used (excluding the clan hall).