Controlling the Clan Hall

This describes how to build and control the Clan Hall.

How are they bred?

If a clan has paid then any of its breeders can breed a clan hall by hitting the 'Clan Hall' button in the design window. This will remove the normal restriction on size based on the parents harvested bio-mass. The Clan Hall must be redesigned to use up its entire mass allowance based on the material tech.

How do they spawn?

Once spawned a player can do two things with the clan hall. They can use the spawn command to spawn onto itself, i.e. hold down 's' and click on the clan hall itself. This means the player can design the new configuration for the clan hall. If they do this they may not spawn another fighter from the clan hall this turn.

If they want to spawn another titan they use the spawn command into an adjacent hex. They then design the titan as normal but with only 3/4 of the generation of the hall itself. In this case they can not manually reconfigure the clan hall this turn. Don't worry, the game server will select a tech level to increase and will grow the hall appropriately.

In other words, you may not spawn and manually reconfigure the clan hall in the same turn.

How do they move?

A clan hall can be reconfigured for flight mode. This means the player must redesign the clan hall to have 0 weapons, 0 shields and 0 spawning chambers. The next turn the clan hall will be able to move - having only computers and engines. The clan hall can be issued movement orders as for any other Titan when in flight mode. To change out of flight mode simply redesign the clan hall to have spawning chambers or weapons or shields again.

When in flight mode the game server will still auto redesign if the player does not manually redesign the clan hall, in this case the additional mass (if any) will be added to the engines.

This looks complicated!

The simplest thing to do is to try-it. Its actually very intuitive to control a clan hall.