Command Line Mode

The Tartarus game client also has a command line mode for players who are writing their own utilities and want access to the full turn report, or the contents of .tzp files.

To see the instruction simple use: runit.bat -x

C:\tartarus>runit.bat -x       
C:\tartarus>"c:\Program Files\JavaSoft\jre\1.4.1\bin\java" -cp
 tartarus.jar com.faraway.titans.Tartarus -x
  The Tartarus Historic File Utility
  Usage java com.faraway.titans.Tartarus -x <ip_dir> <op_dir>
     where -x means run this extract util rather than the game client
       and <ip_dir> Is the single search directory.
       and <op_dir> Is the single output directory.
  The util searches for any tac files (.tzp or .xml)
  and loads up any titan details it finds in them. These details are then
  written to the output directory with 1 file per turn. All titans known
  of for the turn will be written to the file.
  If the output directory already holds the results from previous runs it
  will work - adding more information to the files, rather than overwritting them.
  However, it is a good idea to empty the input directory or move it after each
  run to ensure that this utility doesn't get slower and slower.
  This utility reads also looks for a "" file in the <ip_dir>.
  If it finds it then it reads it in and the form is a line for each clan,
  holding <player id>=<password>, so an example for two clans, could be:


  This allows the util to also extract details from turn reports, provided they
  are for players in the list and the password given is valid, and the report
  file ends with ".txt"
  A successful run will exit with code 0, if it fails it will fail with -1.

So I will say no more for now.