Critical hits

The Ardent embrace crested the ridge at last, its systems radiating heat as its repair nano struggled to cope. Its scanners registered two new enemies and it chuckled as it saw their low tech levels. It aimed its weapons and barely saw the incoming salvoes which screamed towards it from beyond the next ridge. The two were merely scouts! The artillery salvoes smashed home, huge explosions encompassed it as its shields struggled under the onslaught. Eight shots landed, high tech weapon nano eating towards its heart. Just as the veracious nano was conquered some internal systems failed, its own nano was subsumed, redirected and turned critical. New damage spread through it, weapons exploded, shields collapsed and its engines turned to slag as its own tech raged wild....

The chance of a critical hit is calculated for every hex in which a titan receives damage. If the titan received damage to any system there is a 2% chance of a critical. If it has at least one weapon damaged then the chance increases to 10%. The chance never increases above 10%.

The amount of damage done is random, with the maximum damage possible depending on the tech 'instability' within the target. This is determined by the ratio of the highest tech destroyed with respect to the material tech - or more simply, highest tech/material tech.

Damage done is from 2 units, to 1/4 of the Titans remaining systems*(highest tech destroyed/material tech of the taget titan).

Chance of critical hit

2% if no weapon destroyed in the hex or 10% if a weapon was destroyed by the shots that hit in the hex

Damage from critical hit

2 to (1/4 * highest tech destroyed/material tech) of targets remaining systems

Note 1: the damage from criticals does not count for points and experience gained by the firer.

Note 2: Clan Halls never suffer critical hits.

Note that this rule was updated on October 22nd 2000.