Free V's Pay

This game is free! You can field a perfect clan and fight along with the best of them and do it all for free. We want the game to grow, and we want players to have time to explore the game and decide if they want to commit a little more and pay for the game.

The benefits of paying

We make a little money is of course the first benefit! But it also lets players have a larger maximum clan size (100 rather than the default 60) and allows them to build a Clan Hall and the Clan Totems. Once they have paid the number of credits will decrease by one for every turn that they have clan hall/totems or clan size more than 60. If the credits run out then your clan hall will self-destruct and your maximum clan size will drop. Other than that your clan will remain unaffected.

Please ensure any renewal payments get to us on time to ensure your clan hall doesn't destruct.

Just for clarity: if you meet any of the criteria below then you lose credits:

Good bye dead lurkers

Players can join in without paying, but unless they are active their clan will be removed. This is to stop dead wood clogging up the map. Any clan that submits less than 5 sets of orders during the last 14 turns shall be removed from the game - unless they have credits remaining.