Game Modes

The client program has two main modes-

The menu option allows you to switch between the two modes as often as you like. There are obvious differences between the modes.

View last turn

This will show all Titans in their positions at the start of last turn. You can view the orders they were given and also any events that happened to them. The events will be reported as text in the report area at the bottom of the screen.

If any Titans have died this will also be shown within the report text.

Enter orders

This mode is far more versatile. You can select your Titans, power up their systems and then order them to spawn, move and fire. You can also enter a Slide order for your clan to remove it from the game.

This mode will display your player id and remaining credits within the general report area. The player id can only be seen here and MUST be used when you use the secure on-line payment form.

Also, when selecting a clan in this mode, details of the players scores and any clan message will be displayed in the general report area of the screen.