Line Of Sight

The game map will be restricted by your forces line of sight. Basically any terrain which is higher than the titan will block its view. The scanners used by titans can see around the edges of small barriers, so it takes a fairly solid range of hills or mountains to block the view. Also a titan on a hill can see any other hill tops, and the first valley out from the hill. Beyond this valley they only see the tops of other hills. The same principal applies to mountains - i.e. see to the first ridgeline.

To see the view afforded to an enemy clan, select the clan or one of its titans and hit 'v', this will show the view they have - however, they may have titans hidden from you and their view will not be included.


Line of sight is great as it is possible to hide your long range artillery titans (i.e. high weapons tech) behind hills and use your well shielded units to expose the enemy positions.

Historic map information

As your clan moves it will scan different parts of the map, this historic map information is maintained by the game server and will be included even for hexes which are blocked by LOS. However, to stop the turn reports becoming massive only the minimum amount of information is sent in the orders - i.e. a hex or two beyond scan range. This become a different story if you decide to install the game client on your PC and run it using the runit.bat file. In this case the game client will build up your historic map file within the install directory and it will be called mapfile.msk. If you lose this file or it become corrupted simply email us and we can send you your new map file - or better yet get it automatically from the web site.

Example of historic terrain shown in the map display - notice it includes no bio-mass information or enemy locations.

This shows an advanced scout moving from his scanned map (the lighter shades) into an area which has previously been scanned - the darker shades. The black hexes have never been scanned and so remain unknown.

We can tell that the scout has advanced tech values simply because it can move so far.