Faraway Games Message Relay

Contacting enemy clans is an integral part of the game. How much better it is to taunt your enemy before destroying his prized breeding stock! This is why we provide a message relaying system.

To send an email to another clan you should write an email to:


where xxxxx is the exact name of the clan you are sending it to, except any spaced much be replaced with _. For example, a message to clan Much Ado should be addressed to


You must also place [WAR] on the subject line. If you do not you will get a response indicating a bad email address. This is due to the 2000 spam emails every day to the faraway domain.

There are several restrictions on this facility:

  1. All messages are sent at about 15 minute intervals, but it may be less, even only once a day..
  2. All messages must be less than 5000 characters (including email header). Effectively this means keep your messages short and sweet, or bitter if you wish.
  3. Messages containing the 'nastiest' swear words will not be forwarded and the sending player may have this facility removed. We hope that message content will always be clever and maybe confrontational but never purile or abusive, after all it is only a game!
  4. Messages may not have attachments
  5. Messages sent from an address other than you main game address must have [WAR] in the subject line..

Additionally, the relay will attempt to authenticate the sender by comparing the originating address to the sending players email address. If they match the message will be marked as authenticated as from clan xxx, if it could not be authenticated the message will be marked as unauthenticated (see 5 above).

This is an attempt to let recipients know who probably sent the message. As with all emails, take the sender information with a pinch of salt, its really easy to spoof them.

Litae, my white list devinity.

As you send clan emails you will receive a message from Litae asking that you validate yourself. This is to stop the 200+ spam emails every day that I get. You have a week to reply, and once you are validated then you are valid forever. So simply reply to her and she will mark you as OK.

If you don't then your emails get stuck in a holding pen prior to deletion.