New Players

To join the game you must run the game client. You can do this within your web browser either on line or by downloading the game client and running it locally. If you decide to download it you must unzip it into a directory. Once unzipped you can run it in two ways - either within a browser by loading the tartarus.html page or in stand alone mode by double clicking on runnit.bat (alternatively open a dos command window, cd to the directory and type runnit.bat). The runnit.bat file is configured to use the Java Plug-in from Sun in its default installation directory, if you installed the plug-in to a different directory you will have to edit the runnit.bat file yourself. The README.TXT file in the install directory explains what will need to be changed.

When the client starts up, select the player option and then join game. Enter your personal details and hit OK. The only optional field is the Clan message. The details you add can be changed at any time in the future, and if your clan name clashes with another players it will be automatically changed on the game server. If this happens you may select a different name when you receive your first go report.

Hotmail Users!

If you use hotmail and have spam filters turned on you cannot play Tartarus with this email address. Hotmail spam filters currently block all email from the relay and game server.

You must now send the orders to the game server, this can be done using email or the on-line send option.

Email send

If you use email you must start up your normal email software.

Within the game client select File from the menu, and then Copy out orders. Within the copy window that appears, select all of the text including the ---TITANS--- at the top and bottom. This text should then be pasted into a new message within your email software.

Send the email to, with the subject text containing the word Orders.

Messages sent to are automatically handled by the game server, so never include any messages other than the orders. If you want to send a message to the company it should be sent to

On-line send

If you use the on-line option to send your orders you must be running the game client from the Faraway web site or by the runnit.bat file. The reason for this is that Java has built in security features to prevent an applet from the web communicating with any other computer other than its own web-server.

Providing you are running the client as above the send should happen with no problems. If you use a modem do not forget to terminate your session once the orders have been sent.

If this fails for any reason you will have to resort to email sending.

Now read the strategy guide

Read the strategy guide for how to play, or email another clan and ask them! Most clans are helpful.