Starting from a single Mother Titan, you breed more Titans and so grow your power and technology. Bio-mass must be found and harvested by Titans with spawning chambers, and when you think they have harvested sufficient the bio-mass can be turned by the spawning chamber in to another Titan.

With each generation one of the five technologies within the Titan can be improved, and as they are improved they become more effective. Deciding how to balance the technologies within your Titans is of great importance.

Most Titan designs are balanced, which means that a Titan will not be able to move and fight in the same turn due to its internal power limitations. As systems are destroyed within the Titan you must decide when is the time to retreat or if the Titan should fight to the death.

If you protect your most advanced breeders, and keep to the bio-mass fields your clan will eventually evolve beyond your competitors and then your power will be immense.

Fighters can gain experience through combat making the more experienced invaluable in any fire fight. It is also through combat that points are scored, and points are the mechanism that allows your clan to grow larger than all others. Pacifism does not work.

The Clan Hall is a special unit available to paying players. It also offers the greatest strategic challenge, the loss of a Clan Hall can be disastrous.

All clans can be contacted through the Faraway Games message relay. This chance should be taken, as united clans will easily overcome all competition, and you can only arrange alliances between yourselves, by sending messages.