How to order your titans

This will be covered very quickly, so pay attention. It mentions the order mode, this is displayed under the titans list to the right of the window. Order modes can be changed from the orders menu or through the key accelerators.

After reading this, open the client help window and TRY all the keys it mentions. These keys are the crux to entering orders quickly.

  1. Select your clan from the clan list. Your clan is always the first clan in the list.
  2. Select the titan you want to order from the Titans list. Alternatively select any of the black Titans from the map. The black ones are always yours.
  3. The Titan information panel will now display information for the selected Titan. Click in the engine boxes to boot them up, as you do this you will see available comp drop.
  4. Click in shields or weapons boxes to allocate both energy and computer control to these systems. You should try to have a shield rating of 100% at least when any enemy are within range - unless you are invulnerable. Invulnerability will appear in words in green text at the top of the Titan information panel - new players initially have invulnerable Titans.
  5. If your Titan has a spawning chamber and it is sufficiently full then you can issue a spawn order to it. This is done by changing the order mode via the menu option or <control key and s key>. The order mode is now 'Spawn Orders'. Next click on a hex adjacent to the selected Titan. The Titan design window will now open. Once you have filled in the design a purple egg will appear on the map. To select another Titan you must change back to 'Move Orders' mode via the menu option or <control key and m key>.
  6. If your Titan has enough move pts (i.e. greater than 0) then you may move it. Move points vary per terrain, 1 for lowland, 2 for highland and 3 for mountains. To move the selected Titan change to move order mode using the menu option or <control key and space> (or simply space) and then simply left click on the map. If you select a bad hex a warning message will appear. To move the Titan in stages or into a hex occupied by another Titan you must be in 'Cumulative Move' order mode which can be entered via the order menu or by the key combination <control key and c>, or simply c.
  7. To fire at a hex, change to 'Fire Orders' mode using the menu option or <control key and f> (or simply f) and click on the hex. Warning messages will appear if the range is too great. To select another Titan to order you must change back to 'Move Orders' mode by the menu option or <control key and m>.
  8. To self destruct the Titan, select it and use the destruct menu option or <control key and d> (or simply d). Then say yes in the confirmation dialog. To cancel the self destruct open the dialog again and then say no in the confirmation dialog.
  9. To make a Titan transparent hit the T key while it is selected, this is similar to using the view filter to see through Titans but works with a single Titan rather than all of them.
  10. To repair units of damage you must have enough available computer, and then click upon the damaged unit (i.e. the red box). This will allocate computers to repair.
  11. To create Clan WormHoles you must have a clan hall. The destruct dialog will then offer you the option of either destructing the titan or creating a worm hole exit or entrance. Be careful, as a WormHole exit is tied to your clan hall and creates duplicate weapon salvoes on the clan hall. See the wormhole page.

Orders are shown on the map as below:

The yellow blobs show the movement route, the red and white shots are, umm, shots.

To cancel orders the following must be done.

Cancel spawn order

Enter the 'Spawn Orders' mode (menu option or <control s> and click on an adjacent hex. Then cancel the design window and the order will be canceled.

Cancel fire orders

Enter the fire orders mode (menu option or <control f> and click on the firing Titan, i.e. as if it was firing at itself. This will cancel all firing orders. Alternatively, reduce energy to weapons to zero and the fire orders will be cancelled.

Cancel move orders

Again, while in 'Move Orders' mode, simply click on the selected Titan and a move of 0 distance will be entered.

Cancel self-destruct orders

Again enter the destruct order (menu option or <ctrl-d>( to open the self destruct dialog, this time say No and the self destruct will be cancelled.

The co-ordinate system

The 'x' key will allow you to see the hex co-ordinates which is very useful when communicating with other clans - either to give away the location of the enemy or to establish borders.

Clan Scans

When in order entry mode you can see the view of the map that the known titans of an enemy clan have. Select an enemy clan and hold down 'v', this will show that clans view of the map in a lighter colour. To cancel the view hit 'v' again.

Note that this only shows the view afforded to the clan from its known titans. It may have a titan hidden from your view which give the enemy far more tactical information.

Clan Range Scans

In the same way you can see the ranges of all of a clans Titans - in this case use the 'r' key.

Renaming of Titans

You can rename your titans (other than the Clan Hall and your clan Mother), by hitting the 'n' key or selecting the menu. The new titan name will take effect next turn.

Historical order entry

Beta testers used different key combinations to enter orders, however, these did not function correctly on some operating systems and the mechanism was changed. However, the original key combinations have been left in place and will still work on Windows 95/NT, they are f (fire), c (cummulative move), s (spawn), d (self destruct) t(make titan transparent).