Sending orders

When you have completed specifying your orders for all Titans then you can send your orders back to the Faraway game server.

Note that any queries should be emailed to and not to Tartarus.

All emails/orders must be received by 4am GMT in order to be processed with the next go. If orders arrive late they will be ignored. However, you will still be debited for the turn as the price paid covers the processing of your forces.

Via email

To send them via email copy out the orders text. Again select the File menu option and then the Copy out option. This will display the orders text - select it all and then copy it to the clipboard.

On windows platforms this is done by clicking at the start of the text and then scrolling to the bottom of the window. Then hold the shift key down and click again. All text should now be highlighted in blue. Control-c will copy the selected text into the clipboard.

Open up your email software and create a new message, this should be addressed to and the subject MUST contain the word Orders. Paste the orders text into the main body of the new message and finally send it off.


Provided you started the game client on-line from the Faraway web site or locally via the runnit.bat file you can simply use the send on-line option. The game client will communicate with the Faraway game server.

Multiple submits

You can send in your ordes as often as you like. Later orders will overwrite earlier ones in the server.