This provides a guideline on how to play the initial phases of the game, if you would like to contribute then email your suggestions in.

First Turns New players are born with Teeth!
Fast Breeders Attack at tourney start
Diplomacy Brains over Brawn
Pacifism does NOT work Where Eagles Dare

First Turns

You can breed another Titan on your first turn. This should be a breeder, with a spawning chamber and no weapons. All Titans bred from the Mother are invulnerable for the first 10 turns of their life, so this first breeder should be able to harvest enough bio-mass during its invulnerable period to breed the next several generations of Titans. Note that any invulnerable titan that uses a transgate will lose their invulnerability!

Your other three titans when you join the game should be moved - the fighter Cronus should start exploring, while the two breeders should move onto bio-mass.

For the next several turns this policy should continue until you have 3 or 4 breeders. They should be constantly moved in search of bio-mass and also to explore the map to decide in which direction to move your fledgling clan.

Also, a word from Michelle...

New Players, you should say hi to one of the oldest clans on the sphere. I know that I greatly appreciated the help I got from elder players. You could post on the warcry to announce your arrival, and request tutelage.

Michelle the Beardless, Grand High Glorious Jestress of Clan Harlequin.

New Players are born with Teeth!

The first generation of Titans spawned by the Mother Titan have 10 turns of invulnerability. This makes them very powerful for this first period of their lives. Any fighters born with such invulnerability should be very aggressive to score points and gain experience. At the end of their immortality they should run back to their flock. Another lesson from this is that your clan should not hang around the area of the map where new players are born, but should run to the South and East until there are no new players.

However, Clan Myopia disagrees and suggests...:

Please change the "newbies have teeth" advice in the Rules as it encourages newbies to annoy larger clans that will inevitably exact revenge.

So overall, its up to you. But I still suggest you attack, after all its fun to make enemies.

Fast Breeder
(contributed by Greg)

One way to kick start your forces in the strategic race is to produce very small Titans consisting of 2 spawning chambers and minimal other systems. These Titans can then produce another generation following the same design. In this way it is potentially possible to have another generation every 2 turns and so race your technologies forwards.

The disadvantage is that small Titans cannot take alot of damage and are very vulnerable.


Joining forces with other week players is an obvious strategy which can revive your stricken clan. So do not admit defeat too easily, try to find friends - either by emailing them through the Faraway Games message relay or by broadcasting a short message using the clan message field under player details.

Pacifism does NOT work

Only through combat are points scored and experience gained. Points will allow your clan to grow, but even then more points must be scored to keep it at this new size. Fight every turn, all turn, at every chance!

Attack at Tourney start

Points are scored over a tourney of 14 turns, if you are undertaking a major fire fight it is best to start it at the beginning of a tourney, this ensure the greatest chance of increasing your clan size.

Brains over Brawn
(from Gerry, who keeps on winning!)

Don't skimp on extra computers and shields for your large fighters. At the start an extra computer is worth more than an extra weapon. Why? Because in a battle, a 10th level weapon will destroy an enemy system unit only 25% of the time, whereas an extra computer will fix one of your own system units 50% of the time (so long as you have at least two computers left).

Fighters with plenty of computers can slip behind the lines to repair themselves, and soon bounce back ready for more action. The extra weapon may be slightly more flexible for hit-and-run attacks, but in a pitched battle the extra computer will show its superiority.

And if your fighters are designed to survive intense battles, they need a spare shield. Otherwise a single shield hit means death, if any enemy is still in range.

Where Eagles Dare

Do not ignore gaining the highland and mountains, these may cost a lot to move through, but once in position the range increase available to weapons when firing on lower hexes is invaluable.


Line of sight is great as it is possible to hide your long range artillery titans (i.e. high weapons tech) behind hills and use you well shielded units to expose the enemy positions.