Titan Design

Computers, require nothing and generate number*tech level of control

Computers can also perform damage control,
fixing 1/2 * number * tech level of another system. Computers effect scan range, and from this movement limits before the Gate Effect..

Engines require computer control.

They produce
number*tech level of power for use in movement, shields and weapons
The material tech of a titan effects titan size, and its speed.
Spawning chamberSpawning chamber can harvest 1 unit of bio-mass per turn, this can be converted into 3 system units during the spawning process. A unit of bio-mass fills from 1 to 3 spawning chambers depending on its type.

ECM shields require computer control and power.

ECM ShieldsThey reduce the chance of a hit, and the damage inflicted for each hit..

Weapons require computer control and power.

WeaponryEach weapon can fire at a single hex per turn, any Titan who is within this hex at any time during a turn may be hit.

The five systems that make up a Titan are all interrelated and you must understand this relationship. The client game software will ensure that you only give valid orders and will tell you where you have gone wrong if you make a mistake. So have a quick play with the demo mode before coming back to this discussion.

The basic summary is covered below and this is all that you need to know. For details of the math's behind it all, look at the detailed Titan design page.