Technology and Generation Maximums

The Tartarus tech system breaks down after several years of play - new players are so far behind they cannot catch up and the excitment of tech design vanishes.

To counter this, after many and varied warcry discussions the tech caps have been introduced. The three games have tech caps at different levels.

  Titan tech limit Clan hall tech limit
Fast Game
No limit
Slow Game
No limit
Ark Game
No limit
No limit

This means that you may not breed a titan above the limit shown in the table above.

The levels reflect the histories of the games, and the levels at the time this rule was introduced.


Titan 'BigMum' has techs of: Comp 50, Eng 50, Shield 40, Weap 80 and material tech of 20. It has a total tech of (50+50+40+80+20) = 240. This titan can only breed offspring of 240, and not the normal +1 allowed for most breeder offspring.

Note that a clan hall has no tech limit and there are other rules worth knowing about.. See clan halls.


Clan halls can spawn titans which break the tech cap - these rules are here.