The care and maintenance of your fighting force is your only priority.

Titans are bio-metallic, cybertronic, super conductive evolving organisms. They also look a bit like the symbols shown below:

A sphere represents a generalised Titan who can both breed and fight.
An octagon shows a Titan who specialises in breeding, having twice as many spawning chambers as weapons
An almost square shape shows a fighter, with at least twice as many weapons as spawning chambers.
This is the Clan Hall, paying players may breed a single clan hall and gain substantial benefits.

When a Titan dies a quarter of its size returns as bio-mass to the land.

Within the game a Titan is described by the panel shown below.

This shows all the information for the Titan destruction4 of clan Puppets.

The top three lines are background information - its clan and name and generation/age/offensive factor. The generation is the number of parents since the clan Mother first spawned. The Offensive value for the Titan is used to determine scoring.

The middle section shows each of the technology levels for the Titan, together with how many units of each exist within the titan.

This titan has a lot of damage which is shown in red.

The red square with yellow centre shows that the titan was able to auto repair one engine.

This Titan has 5weapons and 3 shields but no spawning chambers. It is a fighter from an older clan.

The two images denote first its icon on the map and the second shows the type of bio-mass that this Titan can harvest. As your Titans evolve they will eventually reach a threshold level beyond which they can only harvest a different type of bio-mass. When this happens you will have to move your clan to the South or East to reach the new bio-mass realms.

The comp, eng, weaps, move and shield rows all show what is available after giving the Titan its orders. This titan has sustained so much damage that it no longer has full shield coverage - next turn it's going to get lots of damage. The shield value is shown in red if it is under 100%.

Range and scan range are given in hexes, if it was on highlands or mountains there would be yellow stars to denote increased range..

Move rates are shown in green simply because they are better than the clans average. This means clan Puppets has an average move rate of less than 7. The minimum move rate is what is available when all shields and weapons are powered.

Experience points are gained for every unit of damage inflicted on an enemy - see the scoring page for more details.

Tech Caps

Titans have a maximum tech level depending on the game you are in.