TransGates & WormHoles

The battlesphere is a big place, and your enemies may be far away. Or they may be very close indeed and you must flee for your very survival upon the sphere. This is when TransGates and WormHoles come into their own.

This is a Gate. When on the map they will appear with their accelerator value written on top. Gates are movement accelerators for titans with NO GUNS ONLY.

This is a WormHole. WormHoles are tunnels, connecting two seperate parts of the sphere.


By moving your titan over a gate all subsequent movement for the turn is accelerated. If your titan has any guns in its design then it will not be able to use the gate. If it has no guns it can start the turn anywhere, and move onto the gate during any part of its move.

For example, move onto the gate and then move one north and then 1 northeast. The TransGate acceleration is 15 (for this example), which means your titan actually moves 15 north and then 15 northeast. Should the end hex be in water then the move is truncated by 1 hex until you are not in water. Your titan will not suffer from moving through incoming fire while in the gate, but will suffer from fire if emerging from a TransGate move into a hex being fired upon.

WARNING! When moving through a TransGate all titan shields, weapons and spawning chambers are destroyed! Its very harmful, leaving your titan severely weakened upon arrival. So only move high computer titans through the gate, into a safe region of the map, otherwise your enemies will pounce and obliterate you.

WARNING! Any titan that moves through a gate will lose any invulnerability it may have.

Any number of titans may move through the gate in a turn. Every gate has an accelerator value from 15 to 20. TransGates will eventually die to be replaced by new different gates close by - see gate rebirth below.

Gates can be Killed

You can fire upon a gate. Each shot fired will have a 10% chance of killing the gate. If the gate survives then its acceleration will be reduced by the number of incoming shots.

Gate Rebirth

Gates are scattered over the map. If a region of the map has no gates then every turn there is a 5% chance that a gate will be born within the region. The size of the regions is secret (ask an older clan)....


WormHoles are created by players with Clan Halls. By destructing a titan a player can create a WormHole exit. Once they have a WormHole exit they can create any number of WormHole entrances - again by destructing titans. The details are below, and much credit goes to Clan Checken for a great idea.

So, imagine you have 2 armies on a distant front and the war has wound down. But you have a new war someplace else. Secure the new zone, and create a wormhole exit. The next turn you can create 2 wormhole entrances. The next turn you can start moving your armies through. So for 2 turns the exit exists unused and open to fire. And any fire will hit the owners clan hall! For 1 tourney the owning clan must guard the exit like it is the hall itself.

General Notes:

Clicking on a gate on the map will tell you about the gate.

a) To find out about a TransGate right click on it (to deselect any selected titan) and then left click on it to 'select' it. The info is displayed in the status line at the top of the screen.

b) TransGates are deliberately next to terrain features, which means some are more useful than others - and some only allow movement in some directions. Be too easy if they all had no restrictions.

c) The further you move south east, into the worlds of the elder gods, the more sparse are the transgates.

d) Clicking on a WormHole will tell you the clan which owns it, providing that you have scanned some of their titans. If not then the owning clan will not be shown.