View Filters

The map view has filters to show the information you require, they are:

Show Titans
Show Bio-mass
Show Orders
Do not show titans
Show Borders and Labels
Show Health Bars
Show Tacticals
Grey out of Clans

The best way to find out what they do is to play, but the examples below also give a fair idea.

Filters set to show Titans only

Filters set to show Titans and bio-mass

Filters set to show Titans, all orders and bio-mass.

Filters set to show orders and bio-mass but not Titans.


The hexes containing Titans are shown lighter. Hitting the T key will make a single Titan transparent which may be easier to use.

Border Filter

Another filter shows and hides the borders that may be on the map between clan Totems.

The border filter also turns on and off the very infrequent map labels that are upon the sphere. The example to the left was the first ever map label, added after over a year of play, to commemorate the departure of the great clan Bulimic who transcended.

Health Bars

The Health Bars can be turned on and off, they show two items.

Show Tacticals

The Tactical filter is for use when running the game stand-alone. This allows you to toggle the viewing of the tactical information that your allies may be sharing with you.

Grey out of Clans

You may selectively change clans colours to grey. This can be useful if you are seeing many clans but want to concentrate on only your enemies. Select a Titan from the clan you want to change to grey and then hit 'g'. Hit 'g' again to turn it back to its normal colours.