Bill's FAQ

Qu: Whats the best way to have fun?

Well, if we are talking about the game its got to be to get involved in combat, and make the combat turn into a vendetta against a certain clan. Then pull in loads of allies and make a real war out of it!

Qu: When are turns processed?

All turns are processed at the same time, once per day, in parallel at about 4am GMT.

Qu: Can new born Titans not born of Mother get damaged on the turn that they are spawned?

No, all new Titans have at least their first turn as invulnerable. This means they cannot be hurt on the turn they are spawned.

Qu: Can mother move?

Nope! Mother is a special start up Titan, ideal for spawning the clan but doomed after this...

Qu: What effect do gates have on new clans?

Any invulnerable titan that uses a trans gate will lose its invulnerability! Be careful.

Qu: I booted up my engines yesterday but today I have no move points.

Every turn you must give your Titans new orders, move points must be used in the turn they are available, they do not carry over. If you cannot get orders in for a turn all of your Titans will power up their shields, so they will not become cannon fodder.

Qu: What is the turn order and can I do spawning and moving in the same turn.

You can spawn, move and fire a Titan all in the same turn. The turn order is:

a) Self destruction happens first
b) Spawning happens next
c) Automatic allocation of remaining power/computers to shields and possibly damage control. This is done automatically, so if you miss a turn your Titans will not be left entirely defenceless.
d) Damage control kicks in
e) Fire upon transgate hexes happens now, possibly killing the gate, or reducing its acceleration.
f) Firing happens next and shots persist in the fired upon hex - i.e. any Titan moving through the hex will get
g) Movement happens last.
h) If more than one titan wants to move into the same hex, it is random which will make it and which will have their move truncated.

Qu: I have a Titan with engines, but even if I boot them up the Titan cannot move.

You need to have enough energy to move the mass of the Titan. This means large Titans will need more engines, or Titans with advanced material tech will also need more engines. The spawning design window will indicate how far the Titan will be able to move while you are designing it.

Qu: What happens if more than one Titan want to move onto the same hex?

What will happen is...
a) All destination hexes are checked to see if more than 1 titan exists in the hex at turn end, if so one of these is randomly moved back along its move track. If the hex contained a titan that started in the hex and has not moved then it gets priority and all others who want to end in the hex are moved back.
b) Any titan that was moved back along its movement track then has the same test repeated etc etc

In this way a Titan may have his move truncated. If it is truncated all the way back to its start hex and another Titan is spawned into the hex then both titans will occupy the same hex! They will need to be selected from the list on the right of the screen rather than by clicking on the map.

Qu: If I power up shields, do they stay powered up until I change the orders? Also if I miss a turn are all my Titans left defenseless.

Shields need to be powered up each turn afresh. However, if a Titan is not given orders it will automatically attempt to power up all its shields, and if it has spare computer power available it will attempt to perform damage control. This means missed turns will not be fatal, but they won't be perfect either. This auto behavior is implemented on the server and will be described in the Titans information when you receive the next turn report.

Qu: My spawning chamber is not filling up with bio-mass!

Your Titan must be in a hex containing bio-mass in order to harvest any, you can view bio-mass by using the view filters on the menu.

Qu: My report email seems to be taking too long to get to me, so much so that I may miss a turn.

Your turn reports are also available over the internet. To obtain them you must have an active internet connection and select get orders on-line. As soon as you have the orders loaded you can disconnect the internet connection. The turn reports will be available on-line from about 8:30am GMT. This may slip by up to 3 hours if the game server suffers a mild breakdown... Occasionally its longer.

Qu: The on-line information is good but incomplete.

True, we hope this FAQ helps, occasionally we update the help/rules. You can also download the rules from the web site and so read them offline.

Qu: I submitted my orders but none of my Titans moved!

OK, several potential things here.

Qu: I allocated damage control last turn to fix a unit of engines, but this turn its still not fixed!

This means that someone shot at you last turn and destroyed the newly fixed unit of engine!

Qu: I gave all of my Titans orders, but only some of them responded, the rest look like they had no orders at all!

Yikes, sorry, this probably means the game server had a minor bug and discarded the rest of your orders. If this happen please please tell us, we can then consult the log files and sort it out.

QU: is it possible to upgrade a Titan, or is it hopelessly obsolete after some time ?

You cannot upgrade, they do become obsolete, but they have have loads of experience and so still be valuable.

QU: What happens when new tech Titans can't eat the same bio-mass as the old ones, do they have to part forever and say adios ?

When they can't eat the same bio-mass you may have to split the clan or maybe find somewhere with both types of bio-mass...

QU: If a unit passes through a hex that is being fired on, can it be hit?

Yes. Shots persist all turn, so anyone moving through the hex may be hit.

QU: Can your units damage each other through friendly fire? Eg a truncated move puts you under one of your own barrages.

Yes, but the previous answer above means you don't want to move through the hex anyway.

Qu: Do you score points from hitting your own titans??

No points from firing on yourself.

Qu: Where are the instructions on how to copy maps? I remember reading them, and how to do it (Print Screen, Paste) but have not been able to find them again.

Don't know! On windows boxes its click on a window. Alt-print-screen to put in the clipboard and then paste into an image editor. Or install paint shop pro and use capture.

Qu: This FAQ is too short! I want to know the answer to....

Mail us and we will tell you! Please do this, only through your queries does the help get better.