Norrinics Newbie Helper...

Tips from a newbie to all you newbies. Young clans, here are some features of the client I feel to be of particular note. They are probably in the help files, but I had to discover them the hard way:

#1 most important feature:

Mode-->Play back last go
For the first few turns I wondered who was firing on my titans, and where to take vengeance.

This little feature will tell you who fired upon your titans. What's more, by selecting an enemy titan and DESELECTING view-->Show All Orders, you can see precisely where the titan was aiming. For example, did it target your titan, or did it target a hex your titan happened to be moving through?

Clan Titans list:

This little beauty lists all your titans that have not been given orders first, with an *. allowing you to never forget to order a titan away. Note to paying players: Totems are listed at the top as not being given orders, nothing can be done, there is only 1 valid totem order, self-destruct, so live totems will always be at the top.

Orders-->Show Clan Scan Range:

Select an enemy titan, than select this little beauty, now you can look about the board and see precisely where they can see. You can figure out their blind spots.

Orders-->Show Clan Weapon Ranges:

Good for determining if the enemy titans can shoot at you this turn.

Just thought I'd pass these basic tools along in case anyone else has been as lame brain as I was.

Clan Norrinics Jan 2000