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Faraway Games Receives 100% Pure Java Certification from Sun Microsystems

St Albans, Herts. - June 28, 1998 - Faraway Games announced 100% Pure Java(TM) certification from Sun Microsystems for Tartarus 1.0. Tartarus is a strategic Internet war game, players control a clan of evolving robots as they fight to dominate the bio-mass fields. The game client displays the landscape and your clan together with all nearby enemies. It shows the ongoing battle and lets players submit their commands to the Faraway game server.

For years Faraway Games has been struggling to find a technology that provides the ideal platform for PBEM/turn based games for large communities of players. The Java(TM) platform provides exactly this functionality allowing players to participate regardless of the operating system they are using, or physical location.

Faraway is currently a small PBEM company, and simply does not have the resources to develop for the wintel platform with its plethora of DLL's and arcane programming law. The simplicity and power of the Java platform has made software development easy and is responsible for the salvation of Faraway technology. 100% Pure Java certification from Sun Microsystems assures customers that the Tartarus 1.0 product will run on any Java compatible system. Faraway's goal has always been to produce a game that players can access while at work (during breaks!) over the Internet, which means Mac's and Unix simply
cannot be ignored.

100% Pure Java certification is also a milestone, because it means the creators of Faraway Games' technology can now begin thinking about the next game!

"Without Java we simply could not have provided this product, and we would still be trying to run games with text files or paper, it has totally revolutionised our systems, both for the GUI and the server side," said Jonathan Gibbons, director of Faraway Games.

"We are delighted to award Faraway Games 100% Pure Java certification for Tartarus 1.0," said George Paolini, director of corporate marketing at Sun Microsystems' Java Software. "Tartarus exemplifies the power and platform independence that Java technology brings to Internet gaming."

Tartarus - the Internet war game is up and running, the fighting has been intense during Beta test and can only get worse (better!), so load up the game client from the web site and join the war. The first 14 turns are free with no obligation.

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