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Greetings Clans of the Sphere. This page shows links to the web sites maintained and published by Clans. If you have your own Tartarus web pages then email me and I'll add a link. If you follow a link and find the material is missing or inappropriate then mail me and I'll remove the link. As ever, I aim to help.

Clan Wacka Mole's:
designer tool

For clan banner and alliance banners
you should visit the Kismet and
Bac Ho web sites. Send in those banners now!

Cameleons site, with their very own :
Tools for players

With the death of Kindred (my his eternal rest be blessed), we see the rise of new Clan Banners.

The Clan Infinity Banner Site!

Clan Beorn, December 2003

Clan Bac Ho, live and gone and live again
Paranoid Schizophrenics, live in May 2000 Gengis, reborn in September 2000
Gimli, live in November 2000 Clan Wacka Mole, live March 2003
Cameleons, live in December 2000 The Wolf Alliance, live in Jan 2002
Inquisition, live in December 2000 Amphibious-The return - Jan 2002
Kismet, live in May 2002 Clan Zeptar of the slow game - July 2002

My thanks go to the following people/clans and the folks behind them:

And all past, present and future clans who are having fun and making the sphere shake. Also my parents, their parents, theres, and those monkeys with the rocks, and that fish thing, even the worm and stuff. Right back to me who dreamt up the big bang.


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