The Titan Clan

Each player controls a single clan. This clan is seeded from the Mother Titan, a special case which defies all the design rules and which is capable of birthing enough Titans to produce a battle force. The game starts off slowly, as the Mother can only spawn a single Titan in the first turn, in the second turn she can spawn another while the first is given move orders, and so on.

By the end of the second week of play your clan will be well established and you can start to take part in the eternal wars. Later in the game if you come across the next stage of bio-mass you can elect to gain a clan hall by paying the small subscription fee. Alternatively you can remain one of the many players playing for fee..

Clan Size

Each clan starts with a built in maximum of thirty Titans. If your clan flourishes you will quickly reach this limit and have to start self destructing the older, less technically advanced of your forces. The clan size can be increased by inflicting damage upon the enemy - this scores points and at the end of a tourney period the scores are used to adjust your maximum clan size(see scoring). If you do exceptionally well your clan can grow to a size of 60 for free players or 100 for paying players, after which it can grow no more.

The maximum clan size will only stop the spawning process and will never mean existing Titans must be destroyed. For example, if your clan has 35 Titans and the maximum drops to 30 again you will not be able to spawn new Titans, but neither will you have to self destruct the 5 extra Titans that already exist.

Clan Name

Your clans name is important, it is your identity on the sphere. For the first 28 days of play you can change your clan name as often as you like, after this time you will suffer penalties if you rename your clan.

Evolution and experience

Each time a new Titan is spawned a tech level can be increased. Gradually your clan will evolve and your Titans grow larger and more menacing. Each time a Titan scores a hit upon an enemy points are scored, the Titan also gains experience equal to the points scored, a Titans experience vastly increases the chance of scoring a hit.

The effect of experience is given in the elsewhere.