Fast or Slow?

The game server runs three games. One is the ark - a game no longer open to new players, so I will not mention it again.

The fast game is processed every day at 3:45 am, and is usually finished by 6am. The other game is run only three times a week, on Sunday morning at 5am, Tuesday at 5am and Thursday at 5am. These games are imaginatively named the fast and the slow games. Each game has its own warcry and ladders/rosters etc.

Dual Play

You may play a clan in both games from the same email address. Clans cannot have the same name though, the clan names must be unique accross both games.

If you play in both games then you will not have to pay - you should only get debited once per day at most.

If you decide to move from one game to the other, giving up your old clan there is a single rule. DO NOT ABUSE YOUR OLD CLAN. You must behave yourself and close down your old clan without unbalancing the old game. i.e. behave as a 'good sport', otherwise God may investigate and smite you.

Tech Cap

This depends on the game you are in and is detailed here.

When exactly

Fast Game
Slow Game
3:45 am
3:45 am
3:45 am
3:45 am
3:45 am
3:45 am
3:45 am

The warcry for both games is run every day.

Why Exactly?

Tartarus can be a pretty heavy commitment. Players of the fast game often find their life changes after 2 or 3 years of play (really!) and they no longer have the time for a turn a day. The slow game was born on April 27th 2002 as a response to this. Old players came back and current players could breath easy in the knowledge that their habbit could continue. I'm hoping new players will also enjoy the choice offered by running two games.


Can I move my clan from one game to the other?

No. Sorry. You will have to submit a new join order. BUT, if you want to remain competitive then get in touch and I may boost your tech once you have both clans.

Do I need to pay for both games?

No. Your credits will be debited at most once per day, no matter how many games you play in.