Game Overview

This page gives a short introduction to the game. With the years the rules have grown and the amount to be read has grown with it. In fact the basic way the game works is quite simple. Reading this page will actually be enough to get going, everything else will become clear as you play.

What is this game?
It is a war game first and foremost. Secondly its a game of diplomacy, and finally its a computer game. If you like war games, and you like seeing your opponents ground into the dust, or scampering madly away then this is the game for you. If you enjoy arranging alliances, back stabbing and stirring things up its a game for you. If you enjoy controlling armies without arguing about rules with other people, and you enjoy the challenge of the best AI on earth then this is the game for you (the AI being those deadly other players!)

How do I play?
You download and install the game client, and then every time the server runs you get a turn report. In the fast game the server runs every night, in the slow game it runs 3 times a week. You use the game client to order your titans and then send in your orders. These are processed by the server and then your new turn reports are either emailed to you or made available on-line.

Who do I play?
Each player can run a single clan, giving it a name and running the fighting units (titans) within the clan. Some players role play their clans and some don't. For example, some players are undead, some are dwarves, some are tanks and some are mechs. It's all down to your persona, and you can role play this within the warcry bulletin board and the emails you send to other players. You do not have to, but you can if you want.

What are Titans?
There are three types, the fighters, breeders and hybrids. But because you design them, and their tech levels then there is massive variation in design. Some players choose size, some speed, some range. Others choose balance. Its up to you. Fighters concentrate on weapons and shields, offense and defense. Breeders concentrate on spawning chambers, these are the heart of the clan, the mobile factories which renew your armies. They get raw material from bio-mass, but there is usually plenty of this about, so its not often a war for resource (unlike make RTS games). Hybrids are a bit of both.

What's a tech level?
Titans are made up of 5 systems, computers, engines, shields, weapons and spawning chambers. At its simplest, each of these has an associated tech level which effects your titans scan distance, speed, defense, offense and size. Each generation of breeder can select a tech to increase. This means that as your clan ages its forces become better. This creates a wonderful tension within the game as old units are culled to make way for the newer forces.

Yes, but how does it play?
The simplest thing to do is to read the dispatches, and the war cry. This gives you the best flavour of the game. The nitty gritty of how to play is all in the rules. But some players have never read them, they pick it up as they go along. The help in the client shows you the keys to use. I'd recommend you do read the rules at some point, especially if you are mathematically inclined.

It's slow to start
When you first start playing you have a mother and three other titans. You spend the first two weeks simply breeding and exploring which is pretty dull. After that things get more interesting as your army starts to fight. Why would I make the game boring to start with? One problem with these games is players who dip in and rush about causing havoc before dropping out after a little time. I've stopped this from being a problem through the slow start, but it means you must persevere for those first two weeks.

Who is Faraway Games?
I am Jonathan, of JonniGod as some call me. I play a clan within the game and also run the game. I coded it all and maintain this web sight. Faraway Games is not making any profit out of this game, often not even covering costs. I am pretty dedicated, but do have a day job which grabs me from time to time. Please bear in mind that I am not a big corp with lots of resource, I try to be responsive, and I've met some fine folks through running this game.

Above all my message is to have FUN. If you ever find you are not enjoying yourself then you should first attack someone, and if that fails then you should probably leave the game. I'd rather everyone enjoyed themselves that have folks going through the motions - which could explain the lack of profit!

What Next?
Start playing that's what. Read the rules later, grab the client and sign up. You have the slow start period to read the rules, so go and get the client and join up NOW....

Instructions for starting are here.