Spawn orders

Holding down the 's' key and clicking on a hex adjacent to the selected Titan will open the Titan design dialog. This lets you specify the stats of the new Titan.

Enter the name for the new Titan, unique within your clan. Then select which system tech you wish to increase for this child. One tech can be increased by one - in the picture above this is Engines and is shown in green, you may for some reason or other also want to decrease the tech levels of a Titan, in the example above the Computer tech has been reduced below the level of the parent Titan, this is shown in yellow.

The number of units for each type of system should then be increased or decreased by clicking on the <> buttons. Alternatively click in the Amount text field and type the number. As you enter the design the labels to the right describe how good the current design is.

In the above example the shielding is not adequate. Any warnings will show the text in yellow. Some of the warnings are fatal and disallow the design - such as being too big, while others are just hints, such as not having enough shields. As soon as the design is legal (if not sensible) then the OK button will be enabled.

You must enter the Titans name and be within size limitation for the OK button to be enabled. The name CLAN HALL and TOTEM followed by anything are restricted names. If you have paid to play then the clan hall and totem buttons will become visible on the screen.

To cancel a spawn order, reopen the design dialog and hit cancel.

Spawning of Clan Halls is a little different and is handled by the next section.